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Rejuvenate, tighten and resurface your skin to a smooth, polished, resfreshed look and feel with our: Microdermabrasions, Signature Facials ( for acneic, sensitive and mature skin), Microcurrent Therapy, and LED Light Therapy.  These facial treatments will be tailored to your individual needs upon consultation.


MicroFacials - MicrodermMicrodermabrasions

Diminish the look of dull skin, hyper-pigmentation and age spots with microdermabrasion. We gently resurface the skin and remove the thicker, uneven outer layer to reduce hyper pigmentation, and uneven tone/texture. With little to no downtime, start to see your skin looking softer and brighter in the next day.





Signature Facials

With over 10 facials to choose from, you are sure to find a treatment that will help with your skin imperfections while helping you to relax.  In a number of our facials, we use special ingredients like flower enzymes, and Retinol C to discover a more beautiful you.


Microcurrent TherapyMicroFacial - microcurrent_therapy

Microcurrent Therapy uses your body’s own natural current to physically firm & tone skin through muscle re-education. You will see and feel tighter skin for a more youthful appearance.




LED Light Therapy

Shine a light on youthful clearer skin with LED Light Therapy. LED works by sending energy producing pockets of light into the deeper layers of skin. Red lights are used to increase collagen while blue lights are used to kill the bacteria that creates acne. Lights are customized to each individual’s need.