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Look Your Best For Upcoming Events! Try The Non-Invasive, FDA Approved STRAWBERRY Lipo Laser for Pennies

imagesLose inches in just minutes with the STRAWBERRY Lipo Laser! After being measured and weighed, just sit back as the STRAWBERRY laser paddles are fitted over your troublesome area.



STRAWBERRY uses a cold red laser to target the fat cells. Once the light hits the cells, water, Glycerol and fatty acids are released and the cells shrink. We recommend clients have 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks as well as eating right and exercising regularly for optimal results.


Ready to Get Started? Please make sure you take a look at our pre-screening questions below:

1.) Do you have an autoimmune disorder?
2.) Any open wounds or rashes?
3.) Any photosensitivity or taking any medication that causes photosensitivity?
4.) Do you currently have any disorders that effect your lymphatic system?
5.) Have you had cancer in the past 2 years?
6.) Are you pregnant or breast feeding?
7.) Do you have congestive heart failure?

If you’ve answer yes to any questions mentioned above, we’re sorry but you are not eligible for treatment.


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