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Deneish Brooks-Briley, President & RN

Deneish Brooks-Briely_Bio_Photo

Deneish Brooks-Briley is, first and foremost, a proud single mother of a beautiful five year old girl. Born and raised in Jamaica, Deneish moved to Houston in 1999 and became a US Citizen in December of 2013. She can now say “I’m proud to be an American!”

Upon moving to Houston, Deneish began studying to become an RN and graduated in 2006. She has worked in almost every area of nursing: Med Surge, Pre Op, PACU and Home Health. She is certified in basic and advanced injections as well as laser treatments. Her continuing education allows her to keep up to date with current techniques and FDA approved treatments.

Deneish is now embarking on a new path of nursing in the beauty industry. She not only has healing hands, but artistic hands as well. Deneish is known for her artistic skills in rejuvenating and revealing one’s true natural beauty. Thus, she finds that the beauty industry is where her skills are best utilized. She aims to take her career a step further by achieving her goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner and an expert on skin care and beauty.




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